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You might not like my books if…

When being published was a mere hopeful dream somewhere on the distant horizon, I hung on every word authors and editors said at panels. One of the things they mentioned was not discussing controversial topics. For the most part I have followed that advice. My FB writer page is only about writing and I don’t invite fans to my private page. On Twitter though, I have shared news events, because I can only think of so many 140 character ways to say “BUY MY BOOK!” without actually saying “buy my books”.

It occurred to me as I was once again pointlessly debating a current event on FB that when did I ever keep my mouth shut about what I think?


So, while I’m sometimes pressed to describe what sort of audience would like my books (Lots of people apparently isn’t specific enough), I can definitively tell you who won’t like them.

  1. People who don’t think females should be lead characters.
  2. People who do not accept gender equality in all its forms and who want to police the love lives of others.
  3. People who think where you’re from or the color of your skin means you are lesser or deserve to be treated differently.
  4. People who think they have the right to tell a woman what to do with her body.
  5. People who are uncomfortable questioning the basis of their beliefs and our perception of the divine.

I write science fiction and fantasy. Not every story touches on all of these things, but science fiction won my heart because it tackled these questions. It made me look at the world and question it. It convinced me that we could change our reality if only we tried.

So, if you want to mess with someone who meets any of the above criteria, I suggest you buy one of my books and give it to them.