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Writerly Wednesday

Update: Current blog followers can get a copy too if they leave a comment.

Yes, yes, I know writerly isn’t a word, but I’m a writer and am taking artistic license.

Today I’m doing something a bit new! In lieu of a regular post, we shall have a contest!

Leave your email info in the form below, add me on Twitter or like my FB page (say which in the comment section) and you’ll get a free PDF copy of my short story, What Autumn Leaves, which appeared in Conjurings Magazine last year.

Ahoy Matey

Lest my readers believe I’m strictly a romance author (I am not), my short story “Pirates of Happenstance” comes out tomorrow in Dark Oak Press’s anthology, A Tall Ship, A Star, and Plunder. It’s a pirate themed anthology with stories from various genres written by twenty-four different authors, some of which are award-winning authors. It’s listed as young adult through mature readers.

Check it out and maybe you’ll discover a new favorite author! Links to Amazon, Nook, etc will be available on the site tomorrow.

pirate anothology cover



Rainy with a chance of stories

Today’s forecast includes a headache inducing low pressure front, possible tornadoes, and the news that my short story, What Autumn Leaves, will be appearing this month in the debut issue of Conjurings. As weathermen like to keep us guessing on the accuracy of their predictions, I likewise do not yet have a specific date of publication. Barring the editor being carried off to Oz on a tornado, it should be available for purchase by the end of the month.

I finished the rough drafts of two short stories set in the Crossroads of Fate universe. Keep in mind that titles are not so different from the forecast of isolated thundershowers; maybe it’ll rain and maybe it won’t. So maybe the series title will change and maybe it won’t. In any case, one of those short stories will come out likely before the end of the year, so be sure to check the news and freebie pages every now and again.

Suggested reading gear does not require an umbrella or coat. E-readers are optional.