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What do I know?

On the way to dropping Miss Drama off at school I got a call from the high school.

“Your son has a spider bite and it’s bad. He needs to go to the doctor.”

“He’s had that for like a week. ”

“But it’s getting worse. He really needs to be checked out. It’s contagious.”

No, pretty sure that isn’t how that works and it didn’t look bad when I saw it.  “Okay, fine. I’ll pick him up.”

“So, you’re on your way?”

“Not right this minute. I’m across town dropping my other child at school.”

So, I drove all the way back, took Mr. Smarty-pants to the pediatrician, who shared my, “Seriously?” attitude.

It had finally burst as those icky things are wont to do, releasing all the icky stuff, which meant it was healing up. No red streaks, no sloughing skin or crazy swelling– he just had a raw spot that’ll scab over and heal up in another week or so.

I told the doctor, “Yes, they claimed it was contagious.”

She laughed. “Yeah, if he like smeared it all over someone.” She gave him a band-aid to cover the bite so the school would quit flipping out. Yes, it fit under a single, normal sized band-aid.

As consolation, she gave me a sports physical form so I wouldn’t have to come back for that.

Having missed his second breakfast, AKA school lunch, I swung by the house so Mr. Smarty-pants could get noms. He devoured two sandwiches and three hot-dogs. Yep, sooooooo sick. I then took him back to school less than two hours after I had checked him out. The secretary that had flipped out seemed surprised to see him.  “I guess he was fine.”

I just smiled.

Middle Mania

So, the past few months has had me in the middle of a lot of chaos. My advisor changed schools, the announcement of which happened right when I was about to take my oral candidacy exams and there was a slight debate about the timeline of my dissertation.  That was resolved, finally.

Then, the school year started. While I hunted for data and filled tables and wrote really boring science stuff, my middle child started middle school.

In all her years of school so far, she’s been my independent child. Suddenly my low-maintenance child is requesting help with EVERYTHING. My sister, who teaches middle school, assures me it is a common phase which will pass, but it drives me nuts. While things appear to be waning, for awhile every night it felt as if I had middle school homework.

For full disclosure, I hated, loathed, and despised middle school. In all three years, the only thing I really liked was choir and the fact that I finally made a few friends. I did my time, so to speak, and having to muddle through pre-algebra again is not my idea of fun. It isn’t the math that is tedious, so much as explaining things over, and over, and over, because Miss Diva has misplaced her confidence.

I sympathize. I do. Twelve is a tough age, but it is tough for her while it was hell for me. She’s pretty, popular, and an excellent student. I was gawky, a social outcast, and criticized for that excellent student status. Everything I did was wrong, so in many ways, it gave me a freedom I didn’t know I had. She’s a sweet child, but at times I see the girls I went to school with– the ones that treated me like less than dirt. She worries about her hair and nails, about looking cute and not making mistakes. For me the challenge is teaching her to find confidence and independence that will last a lifetime while learning to share some of her interest, even if I’m only doing so for her sake.

So, I let her do my nails, even if they are totally not my style. I take her shopping, even though clothes shopping ranks pretty low on my “List of ways to have fun”. I also check her math homework when requested, but there may be a glass of wine or a mohito involved. I got through three semesters of calculus, differential equations, and statistics. I can do pre-algebra even when buzzed.  I can even do math while I write or inform Miss Drama that baths really ought to be a habit and tell Mr. Smarty-Pants that no, he cannot be online until he’s passing ALL his classes.

Have I mentioned Mr. Smarty-Pants is ALSO in middle school? Yes. 8th grade. This is his last chance before high school for him to get his act together. He’s trying–mostly. He had all A’s, aside from the big fat F in literature and a D in Science. He’s nearly brought the D to a B. I’m not sure much can be done with the F. If he’s passing by the end of the quarter, that’ll be a miracle. On the bright side, he finally has a teacher that gets it. He’s lazy if it isn’t something he likes.

I think he was Tom Sawyer in a former life.

The silver lining in all of this? Mr. Smarty-Pants will be in High School before Miss Drama gets to Middle School.  Then again, Miss Diva will still be in Middle School, so maybe that’s more like a brass lining.

Et tu July?

We’re half way through July. It is poised over summer break with a knife as August demands it deliver the final blow…..

Too literary an analogy for summer?

I’ll be blunt.

They are advertising back-to-school sales and the kids go back in three short weeks.

On one side, they’ll be at school instead of devouring my pantry. On the downside I’ll have to wake up at a disgusting hour as the “combined” school system decided to conform to county school times, which bumps everyone back half an hour. For this alone I loathe the school district merger.

In either case, summer is flying by and I’ve yet to make it to the pool even once, although I did ride 14 miles through the Shelby Farms trails with Mr. Smarty-Pants. It is no wonder he excels on the soccer team. In an age where daily exercise means walking to the fridge, when he’s not parked in front of the game system, he’s running, biking, or moving in some manner. He kept pace with me the entire way, and I’ve had to work my way up to that kind of fitness.

As fall plots the death of summer, I look forward to it with mixed emotion. Fall means time for my PhD candidacy exams. (Excuse while I go panic……………………………………………………………………………………. ………………………………………………………………..Okay. I’m back.)

Fall will also bring several writing goals to fruition:

  • August– promotional event with Imagicopter– It’s a multi-author book signing celebrating regional talent.  I’ll talk a bit about my upcoming books and have copies of Conjurings.

    In addition my editor will reveal the cover and release date of my book, Fated Bonds, an urban fantasy romance.
  • September- Kerlak/Dark Oak Press is tentatively scheduled to release A Tall Ship, A Star, and Plunder”, a pirate themed anthology in which my story “Pirates of Happenstance” shall appear.
  • October- Tentative month for the release of Fated Bonds.

So, good or bad, regime change is on the way. I feel like I should stand on a balcony and announce, “Friends, interwebs, countrymen, lend me your ear!”