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Dr. Who?

Doctor ME!

Yes, I know, you expected the one with the TARDIS. I’m sorry, I’ve misplaced mine. It would really come in handy when dropping children off at different schools which insist on starting at the same time on opposite ends of town. Needless to say, Miss Drama has a few tardies as a result.

I graduated in December and am now employed. Yay for work, b/c work = paycheck. Now that I’m working, the urge to write has returned, at least in my non-comatose hours. I also want to garden, but it’s below 32 F outside. The motivation macro in my brain is clearly out of sync with the world. Perhaps it’s from zooming around in the TARDIS?

My companion seems reluctant.

My companion seems reluctant.

I suppose if I want to get writing done I’ll simply have to recalibrate the inertial dampers. What? That always worked in Star Trek, unless of course they had to reverse polarity.


NaNo Not

October flew right by. It left in quite a whirl. Really, the wind yesterday threatened to catch up my umbrella and whisk me off to a magical land. I’m a tiny bit sad that it didn’t. I always wanted to melt a wicked witch or talk with a magical lion.

Thankfully, the wind also blew away the rain so that by evening we could go raid houses for candy, err… Trick-or-Treat.  So we set out the Jack-o-lanterns…

Ha! Go home pumpkin. You're drunk.

Ha! Go home pumpkin. You’re drunk.

and took my undead minions candy raiding.


Mr. Smarty-Pants opted to play Call of Duty rather than acquire candy, although he went out with a friend earlier in the evening and pretended he was Justin Bieber, so I suppose he got his dose of Trick-or-Treating.

So now that all the ghoulish fun is over, it’s November, which means half of my friends are participating in NaNoWriMo. I attempted that last year. I got maybe twenty thousand words written before I lost interest. There’s something about giving me an arbitrary deadline that makes my Muse fall asleep or drift off to other activities. This year, I have my doctoral qualifying exams scheduled for the second week in December. Needless to say, studying for nail-biting, brain-draining exams will occupy a fair amount of my time this month.

Even if I were not otherwise occupied, I’m more a slow and steady tortoise than a speedy hare racing for a finish line. I keep plugging away when I can at my current projects, which so far has worked well for me.

Good luck to all of those participating in NaNoWriMo. I shall NaNo Not.


Last week I held my second committee meeting. Much to my dismay, I didn’t get to use a gavel, just loads of slides as I attempted to impress upon the professors who will eventually decide I’ve toiled enough to graduate, that I have indeed been doing stuff since my last meeting.

Professor M forgot about the meeting and I had to ring his office.

“Hello, this is Hilaire, calling to remind you about the committee meeting at 2 p.m. today.”


“Hilaire. I’m calling about the committee meeting.”

“Retirement meeting?”

“No. CO-MIT-TEE meeting.”

“Whose committee?”

“Hilaire Playa.” I stretched the syllables out in an attempt to make them sound clearer.

“Today?”…And on it went until he figured out I was politely informing him that he was five minutes late.

This call was made in the hearing of all the other professors on my committee. The one kind enough to provide Professor M’s number commented, “Must have been the secretary.”

“Uhm, no. No, it wasn’t.”


At the end though, they agreed I was making good progress. In light of this decision, the reaction I set up Friday has done nothing. Nada. Zip. Graduate in a year? HA! It’s mocking me.

To show it who is boss, I left it alone and neglected in the lab until tomorrow. We’ll see who breaks fist.