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Hiatus Howdy

Some of you might have noticed a lack of posts for quite some time. The internet is full of cat pictures. I have full confidence they kept everyone entertained while I was focused on writing and science-ing.

While you were watching cat videos, there were many, many, many days of science-ing and book 3 of the Crossroads of Fate series is in edits and due out early 2018. Also of interest, my publisher, Pro Se Productions, started a digital thriller short story of the week collection.


Consisting of Harridan, The Out-of-Timers, AKA The Sinner, and Murder, AR, the four different series will rotate, telling a new tale each week. Yours truly will have a short story in the Harridan series. If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, it’ll be FREE and $1.49 for everyone else. To keep up with the releases of this or other stories, be sure to like ProSe’s Facebook page so you don’t miss out!

I have a scifi book I’m shopping around and if anyone nibbles, I’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, let me know if you want more content on Zane’s log or Diary of an Accidental Sidekick by visiting and sharing some love.

A number of people stopped by ProSe’s table at MCFC and cleared them out of copies of Daughter of Destiny and put a nice dent in the stack of copies of Betrayals. I hope everyone who bought a copy enjoys and if you’re stopping in because you saw me at the con, welcome! Feel free to poke about and take a peek into my worlds.



Not bad for a Monday

Zeke meme

For the third installment of my blog tour, you can find me here.

In other exciting news…

Bittenbybooks.com is hosting me for a guest blog/chat AND a contest for an Amazon gift card. The event will be February 26th. Click here to learn more and RSVP (You must RSVP to enter the contest).

Book Release Announcement!

“Fated Bonds”  will be available for purchase January 15th!


Here’s a small excerpt.


“Leave it to me to make this even more challenging,” Tala muttered as she skirted sticks and twigs scattered on the forest floor. She already passed two traps, and suspected her wolf nemesis couldn’t be far off. She skulked through brush, careful to mask her scent with that of a jaguar. She stayed off the paths and more open terrain, as that seemed to be where the wolves laid their traps. The moon began to rise over the tops of the trees and Tala debated the odds of finding Victor at this pace. Damn it! I’m running out of time. She eased across an open space, cautious not to move too swiftly, eying the ground for any signs of disturbance, searching the air for the residual charge left by magic. Her head snapped up as the jaguar senses she used caught the familiar coppery scent of blood. She edged to the right, following the scent and stumbled over a leg.

“Shit,” she whispered.

Three iron shafts protruded from Victor’s chest. A glint of moonlight shone on a piece of wire. Damn. No doubt in a hurry to get back to his wife, he set off a trap meant for her. A conducting metal, the iron disrupted the flow of energy needed for Victor to heal. Tala knelt beside him and checked his pulse. A beat fluttered against her fingertip, weak, and thready. She considered the risk of trying to rouse him. In his state, his bloodlust might overwhelm him and he could attack her. On the other hand, dragging him through the forest could not be done in stealth.

Likely death or possible death? Joy.

Et tu July?

We’re half way through July. It is poised over summer break with a knife as August demands it deliver the final blow…..

Too literary an analogy for summer?

I’ll be blunt.

They are advertising back-to-school sales and the kids go back in three short weeks.

On one side, they’ll be at school instead of devouring my pantry. On the downside I’ll have to wake up at a disgusting hour as the “combined” school system decided to conform to county school times, which bumps everyone back half an hour. For this alone I loathe the school district merger.

In either case, summer is flying by and I’ve yet to make it to the pool even once, although I did ride 14 miles through the Shelby Farms trails with Mr. Smarty-Pants. It is no wonder he excels on the soccer team. In an age where daily exercise means walking to the fridge, when he’s not parked in front of the game system, he’s running, biking, or moving in some manner. He kept pace with me the entire way, and I’ve had to work my way up to that kind of fitness.

As fall plots the death of summer, I look forward to it with mixed emotion. Fall means time for my PhD candidacy exams. (Excuse while I go panic……………………………………………………………………………………. ………………………………………………………………..Okay. I’m back.)

Fall will also bring several writing goals to fruition:

  • August– promotional event with Imagicopter– It’s a multi-author book signing celebrating regional talent.  I’ll talk a bit about my upcoming books and have copies of Conjurings.

    In addition my editor will reveal the cover and release date of my book, Fated Bonds, an urban fantasy romance.
  • September- Kerlak/Dark Oak Press is tentatively scheduled to release A Tall Ship, A Star, and Plunder”, a pirate themed anthology in which my story “Pirates of Happenstance” shall appear.
  • October- Tentative month for the release of Fated Bonds.

So, good or bad, regime change is on the way. I feel like I should stand on a balcony and announce, “Friends, interwebs, countrymen, lend me your ear!”


UPDATE! Happy (Early) Birthday to me!

Next Sunday I get to bake myself a (gluten free and dairy free)cake, or as a friend referred to it, a non-cake cake! I make the most awesome non-cake cakes, by the way. I also get to make Miss Drama one, as her birthday falls the day before mine. I may just do a two-for-one, as I don’t really need a whole cake. Hmm. Does that mean I get to pretend I’m turning 8 years old?

In addition, just in time for my birthday, the electronic edition of Conjurings *is now available, and my story “What Autumn Leaves” is one of the features! For those wishing to purchase the print edition, that will be available in two weeks.


Rainy with a chance of stories

Today’s forecast includes a headache inducing low pressure front, possible tornadoes, and the news that my short story, What Autumn Leaves, will be appearing this month in the debut issue of Conjurings. As weathermen like to keep us guessing on the accuracy of their predictions, I likewise do not yet have a specific date of publication. Barring the editor being carried off to Oz on a tornado, it should be available for purchase by the end of the month.

I finished the rough drafts of two short stories set in the Crossroads of Fate universe. Keep in mind that titles are not so different from the forecast of isolated thundershowers; maybe it’ll rain and maybe it won’t. So maybe the series title will change and maybe it won’t. In any case, one of those short stories will come out likely before the end of the year, so be sure to check the news and freebie pages every now and again.

Suggested reading gear does not require an umbrella or coat. E-readers are optional.

State of the Writer

One quarter of the year has passed. My resolution to exercise has long since petered out, much like any hope of the government passing a sensible balanced budget.

At the beginning of the year I announced a short story was accepted. I still don’t know when it is coming out. I believe this could be my deadline-cliff. It keeps moving and is utterly nebulous.

I submitted another short story to a different publisher and received the most positive, “I-hate-that-my-budget-sucks-and-my-boss-says-I-have-to-reject-you-b/c-the-magazine-is-full” rejection letter ever. I don’t think a singing unicorn painting rainbows with dancing puppies could have made the rejection any more upbeat and positive. They even asked for more stories, “Please”.

In the American can-do spirit, I sent the story off to three different publishers in hopes of achieving the American dream of owning my own singing unicorn.

What? That’s not the American dream? Well, it should be.

Finally, in the most awesome news ever (something that government never seems to have), I received an offer for my novel, well, one of them. This one happens to be the one which started this insanity writing career pursuit. In not so awesome news, it likely won’t come out until next year. As details become available, I will share them. There will likely be a short story put out prior to the book’s release which takes place in that world, but is stand alone. A friend of mine may also grace us with awesome renders of characters. So, stay tuned and check back often, or at least before next year.