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Yard Trek: Diplomatic Incidents

These are the exploits of Basement Cat: her continuing mission to explore strange new grass, to seek out new life and new noms, to boldly go where no cat has gone before!

Basement Cat’s Log: Yard Date 8.19.16

The quadrant seems to get more populated every day.  A feline family and several  solitary citizens occupy the quadrant, and rather than utilizing their own rations, attempt to pilfer them from Yard Base. Sometimes they simply loiter. Lieutenant Jack handles Yard Base border security.


Lieutenant Jack keeping an eye on a quadrant resident loitering near Yard base.

The newest resident of Yard Base, contrary to my initial fears that he was using mind control, has proven to be an eager recruit. Cadet Loki accompanies Lieutenant Jack on border patrols and while he can be a bit over-eager, has proven reliable.


No incursions to report, sir.

The same ethics cannot be said of our senior Gallus gallus resident. She regularly steals the other Gallus gallus’ rations and has even been so bold to steal mine.


Fleeing the scene after stealing rations.


I would not be surprised if one of the Gallus gallus files a complaint.

It isn’t just the gallus either that have displayed unwelcoming behavior. Citizen Diamond expelled Cadet Loki from where he was docked, visiting Admiral Nom-Giver. She claims she had reserved docking privileges.


Citizen Diamond is a known dissident and should be watched.

One could argue that such behavior is to be expected from undisciplined civilians. Unfortunately I must report that our own Captain Marble was reprimanded by Admiral Nom-Giver for willfully venting her waste port within the boundaries belonging to one of the quadrants canine citizens. He was quite vociferous in his complaints. I imagine any aspirations towards a diplomatic career are no longer possible with that sort of action in her file. She has also been caught taunting feline citizens at times and laughing at them. Despite the reprimands, she seems to show no remorse at all.


It’s highly aggravating, that’s what it is! She corners me and all that fur, all that slobber…it’s traumatizing is what it is.


What in the quadrant is wrong with her?!

I suspect the long stretch of heat and rain forcing everyone to remain within the confines of Yard Base is to blame for much of this. Cooler temperatures should prevail soon and Captain Marble can find entertainment that does not involve harassing Citizen Lovey.

Basement Cat, signing off.



Yard Trek: Final Frontier

These are the exploits of Basement Cat: her continuing mission to explore strange new grass, to seek out new life and new noms, to boldly go where no cat has gone before!

Basement Cat’s Log: Yard Date 10.15.2014

A mere five days ago marks the last time Captain Millie, Captain Marble, and Lieutenant Zeke went on an away mission together.


They explored the vast reaches of the dog park. Shortly thereafter, Captain Millie’s advanced years finally began to take their toll. During a routine maintenance sweep of the yard her guidance system malfunctioned and she found herself trapped in a neighboring system. Lieutenant Jack proceeded to issue a distress signal until Admiral Nom-Giver’s rescue mission successfully guided Millie back to Yard Base.

After the guidance malfunction other systems began experiencing decline and malfunctions.

Basement Cat Wannabee was busy plotting galactic takeover and I suspect was unaware of the situation, however the rest of us, civilian Lovey, Lieutenant Jack and myself said our goodbyes.

Captain Millie has proceeded to the final frontier.

Her company during Yard Base perimeter sweeps shall be missed.

Millie Las Ride

Basement Cat, signing off.

A Tale of Two Doggies

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. It was an age of adventure and an age of really preferring he was at home in bed…

At the dog park today, Marble made sure she greeted every dog and that they were all okay with her being alpha. There were some grumbled conversations, but apparently she delivered the doggie stare of death and everyone said, “Okay, fine, be boss.” Well, there was the one dog. Puppies tend not to care who is boss. They just bounce up and say, “PLAY WITH ME!!!!” Mable didn’t mind as long as he didn’t jump in her face. She did the doggie version of rolling her eyes and muttering “Kids.”

She didn’t much understand what to do at the dog park the first few times we went. I’m still not sure she gets it. She greets other dogs and the other people. She sniffs around and after awhile decides it’s time to go. The fact she doesn’t growl at every dog she sees and tolerates puppies jumping in her face is such a huge improvement over when I first got her.

One might think Zeke would have loads of fun at the dog park, but they would be wrong. It took him over a year to realize that car rides were not evil. He loves walks, but acts like we have put him in solitary confinement for an ETERNITY if we put him outside for longer than five seconds. Marble has been known to resort to coaxing Zeke outside by hauling the food bowls outside.

When we arrived at the dog park, Zeke was interested, but not quite certain what to make of all the other. dogs. Unlike Marble, he didn’t greet the other dogs, so much as hide behind Marble or me. He tried to start stuff with a Shepard mix twice his size,  and then hid behind me while Marble stepped in. “Sorry, dude,. My little buddy is a dork.”

The he totally freaked out when the puppy chased him. “I do the chasing! OMG why is he chasing me? MARBLE!!!!! He’s chasing me! Help!”

Marble took one look and ignored him. “Dude, it’s a baby. You’re embarrassing me.”

So Marble went and hung out by the Husky looking all cool and majestic while Zeke hid behind my legs—again. When the puppy was otherwise occupied by very important stick chewing, Zeke just stood there and looked at me. “You dragged me out of bed for this?” Yep, he’s the life of the party.

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Daughter of Destiny Cover AMAZON

Yard Trek: Passive Aggressive Neutral Zone

These are the exploits of Basement Cat: her continuing mission to explore strange new grass, to seek out new life and new noms, to boldly go where no cat has gone before!

Basement Cat’s Log: Yard Date 6.4.2014

I have filed an official incident report with Admiral NomGiver. It appears Captain Marble is committing infractions against General Millie in retaliation for General Millie’s occasional reprimands.

Here’s a summary of the incident in question.

General Millie proceeded to ten-forward for a snack. Captain Marble walked up and confiscated said snack, taking it to her quarters. When the server provided General Millie with a replacement, Captain Marble returned and physically blockaded said food.

A security officer escorted Captain Marble to her quarters where she spent time in confinement.

Sadly, this is not the first of such insubordination. Admiral NomGiver feels it is due to the clear decline in General Millie’s performance of her duties. Were Captain Marble Klingon, no doubt she would have usurped authority. For now, Admiral NomGiver will punish infractions with confinement to her quarters.

Such behavior from a fellow officer is, frankly, appalling. I may have to send Jack in on a mission to steal Captain Marble’s food to teach her a lesson.

Basement Cat, signing off.

Yard Trek: It’s a dog’s life

These are the exploits of Basement Cat: her continuing mission to explore strange new grass, to seek out new life and new noms, to boldly go where no cat has gone before!

Basement Cat’s Log: Yard Date 1.29.2014

I have been confined to yard base due to an influx of arctic temperatures that exceed the design specifications of my fur. Basement-cat-wannabee still attempts guerrilla attacks, but my extensive deployment has honed my skills. She no longer poses any threat to my safety.

A medium sized-human’s yelp when I pounced on a foot confirms my attack skills have not been dulled by my incarceration stay inside.

While Admiral Nom-Giver was assisting a medium-sized human with making noise that sounded akin to the feather snacks I enjoy, the canine units entered my domain in need of assistance.

As often is the case with bureaucracy, Admiral Nom-Giver denied their first request without even hearing them out. When they next approached, I noticed they had nominated Captain Marble to speak for them. I must say that I approve, as she seems the best among them at dealing with the bureaucracy.

Admiral Nom-Giver finally agreed to accompany them, where, having completed her task, Captain Marble retired to her quarters. General Millie and Cadet Zeke stood guard over the empty water bowl while the Admiral saw to its maintenance.

Harmony was restored….except for that darn feather-song noise. It made me hungry.

Basement Cat, signing off.


Just like people, animals have unique personalities and many ways they try to communicate with us. Some of those methods are more effective than others.

Mille, my geriatric fur-baby, is a yeller. I’m not sure she cares if I understand. If she barks loud enough and long enough, eventually I’ll stumble upon whatever it is she wants. I think that in her old age she’s become the dog version of the old woman hollering, “Get off of my lawn!” Only in her case it’s, “Get away from my food, and water, and MY mom, and well anything I decide that is more mine than yours.”

When not barking, she impersonates a throw rug....a throw rug determined to trip you.

When not barking, she impersonates a throw rug….a throw rug determined to trip you.

Then we have Zeke. I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s telepathic. He stares at you with wide, soulful eyes until you either a) let him on the chair or bed, b) give him food, or c) pet him. He’s pretty darn good at it.

You will let me in your lap, human.

You will let me in your lap, human.

Last, but not least of the doggie crew is Marble. Remember good ol’ Lassie from the TV shows and movies? Yeah, Marble’s a lot like that. She does her absolute best to bridge that pesky canine-human language gap. She’ll “talk” to me when she’s really hyped up about something. It isn’t quite barking, and not a whine, but rather her dog version of pestering prattle, “OMG mom, are you ever, ever getting out of that chair? Take me for a walk, please????!!!! The dog next door peed on our mailbox and I need to leave him a reply.” She’ll nose her head beneath my hand and tug on me and basically act like Lassie when silly Timmy has fallen down the well again. She won’t quit until I follow her and figure out what she wants.

She isn’t a big barker really and she realized that telepathy didn’t work well. When I first got her, she’d stand by the back door and even if I wasn’t in the same room, just assumed I’d get the message that she needed to go out. With maturity came understanding, I suppose, as she’s clearly become much more adamant with her demands. She’s been known to pick up her food bowl and plop it on the floor near me if the usual requests were not fulfilled. “Mom, my bowl is empty. Fix this.” Otherwise, she’s pretty laid back. Come to think of it, if I were a dog, I’d be Marble, well, except for liking cold weather. In that regard, I’d be Zeke, who cuddles in bed 95% of the day.

My pestering worked! She took me for a hike!

My pestering worked! She took me for a hike!

So, I can understand her confusion when she asks for a walk and gets put in the backyard. She stands there staring at me. “That’s NOT what I said Mom, and I know you did not think I asked to go out. ”

She’s right, of course.


Adventure Tails

Zeke’s recounting of this weekend.

There were snuggles. LOTS of snuggles. I love snuggles. I can snuggle all day. Well, maybe I’ll break for a trip outside to pee, bark at the neighbor dogs, and then snatch some noms, but then back to snuggling.

10 more minutes?

10 more minutes?

Mom took us for an adventure this weekend! We went for a walk in the big grassy place where there are lots of other dogs. She insisted I wear that pokey thing on my neck. I have no idea why.

I come when she calls…..sometimes, and I can totally take every dog I meet. <Shut up, Marble, I can too!>

Marble gets to run off leash. That totally isn’t fair. She runs ahead, “We’re OUTSIDE!” and then back “We’re OUTSIDE”, and then ahead, “OMG We’re OUTSIDE” and back “We’re OUTSIDE!”….

No wonder she hogs all the water.

Millie didn’t come with us. She’s SLOW. She doesn’t walk, so much as meander and poo a lot. She never wants to play with me. She’s no fun.

I liked this adventure MUCH better than that one we went on when I was a puppy. Something kept roaring. I heard the humans say something about a lion. I don’t know what that is, but it sounded big and pissed. I don’t like to stay outside very long without Mom, you know, just in case there’s one around.

You can never be too careful. I bet if that lion had someone to snuggle with it wouldn’t be so pissed.