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Writer’s Ramble 2.0

Last year, right around the time I had a dissertation to write, I attempted to launch Writer’s Ramble, which involved regularly recruiting authors to guest blog. Well, as one can imagine, this little dissertation thing sort of took precedence and the Writer’s Ramble fizzled.

So now that dissertations are done, wedding done, and another book release is around the corner, it’s time for Writer’s Ramble 2.0! Writer’s Ramble 2.0 will be a twice a momth opportunity for writers of all genres to share their input and advice as well as introducing their work to y’all, my readers. For the writers who follow me, please feel free to contact me if you’d like to participate.

This go around my publisher will be assisting me in the writer recruitment process. So let’s raise our digital coffee mug in a toast to Writer’s Ramble 2.0 and get this party started!

Skipping around the interwebs…aka Blog Tour

Some wonderful writer associates are letting me play on their blogs. In each blog I’ll discuss something about writing, be it style, inspiration, or encouragement for aspiring writers.

The first post can be found here, at my publisher’s blog. Each post that I share also comes with a small excerpt of Fated Bonds.  Check out each post as I link them for new little bits.

While you’re there, check out their blogs.  I’ll let Basement Cat handle the rest of the PR.

A message from Basement Cat:

You clicked the link, right? Don’t make me get up from here to check.

Don't make me get up from here to make you click the blog.

Book Release Announcement!

“Fated Bonds”  will be available for purchase January 15th!


Here’s a small excerpt.


“Leave it to me to make this even more challenging,” Tala muttered as she skirted sticks and twigs scattered on the forest floor. She already passed two traps, and suspected her wolf nemesis couldn’t be far off. She skulked through brush, careful to mask her scent with that of a jaguar. She stayed off the paths and more open terrain, as that seemed to be where the wolves laid their traps. The moon began to rise over the tops of the trees and Tala debated the odds of finding Victor at this pace. Damn it! I’m running out of time. She eased across an open space, cautious not to move too swiftly, eying the ground for any signs of disturbance, searching the air for the residual charge left by magic. Her head snapped up as the jaguar senses she used caught the familiar coppery scent of blood. She edged to the right, following the scent and stumbled over a leg.

“Shit,” she whispered.

Three iron shafts protruded from Victor’s chest. A glint of moonlight shone on a piece of wire. Damn. No doubt in a hurry to get back to his wife, he set off a trap meant for her. A conducting metal, the iron disrupted the flow of energy needed for Victor to heal. Tala knelt beside him and checked his pulse. A beat fluttered against her fingertip, weak, and thready. She considered the risk of trying to rouse him. In his state, his bloodlust might overwhelm him and he could attack her. On the other hand, dragging him through the forest could not be done in stealth.

Likely death or possible death? Joy.