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Writing Revelations

Writing can serve as a reflection upon one’s soul and a mirror into our psyche telling us more about ourselves than we might otherwise realize. It can also highlight quirks and facets of our life, even when the story being written is totally fictional. Here are some interesting revelations I have stumbled upon:

  1. Allergies are insidious and afflict your characters even if you don’t want them to.     A hallmark of good writing is to  invoke the five senses. Due to lifelong allergies, my sense of smell is rather muted. My poor characters tend to only smell things that are foul and noxious.
  2. When dyslexic, the frequency of swapped, missing, and repeated words is directly proportional to the speed with which I am crafting the scene and the number of hours I have been awake.
  3. If I’m writing what I know, I have absolutely no familiarity with this mythical idea called “normal”.
  4. Three years of Latin was not necessarily a wise decision. Latin is a dead language for a reason. It was highly complicated, relying on word endings rather than any form of word order. Works in Latin often had long convoluted sentences which translate awkwardly. Some of my rough drafts look like Latin translations.
  5. I read my alliteration alphabet book a few too many times as a child.    This is one of the very first things I memorized as a child:   “Tony, the tall, thin, tan tiger talks to three tiny toads by his toy truck.” I find all manner of alliteration in my prose, and I didn’t even do it on purpose.