Let’s Get Real

Everyone has an opinion. Most of those everyones think theirs is right. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, it doesn’t really, truly make it right.

Art, be it visual, written, performance, or otherwise is subjective. People who have a modicum of education on a specific field can analyze and list things that support a piece being “good” or being “bad”.

Amazon and Goodreads are likely the biggest forces in getting author’s work out in front of the public, and let’s face it a lot of the reviews are about as helpful as an internet troll. In camp “A” we have people who love all things everywhere and fart rainbows, and so will gush no matter what is on the page. In camp “B” we have the haters who hate all of the things and must spew all of the hate everywhere. Then we have camp “C”, the tiny minority trying to be honest without being mean.

Take the infamous, Fifty Shades of Gray. The first three reviews that pop up (typically those considered most helpful) shred the book, and yet 47% of the nearly 33k readers gave it a 5-star review on Amazon. It got turned into a movie based on just the right people gushing over it and the internet herd following.

My best friend said, “It’s like a bunch of people addicted to reality TV felt the pressure to read something and then spew their thoughts.”

I suspect that’s exactly the case.

So, I’d like to champion this novel concept, pun intended. 😉 Utilize the preview option Amazon provides and read a bit for yourself. Who cares what thousands of random people spewed onto the internet? If it isn’t your cup of tea, move on. If it is, click buy and share the book with a friend or tell them about it. I certainly trust my friends’ suggestions far more than some random person.

This feeds directly into Amazon’s idiotic no friend review policy. By their policy, my friend, who is an author and happens to be qualified to determine the quality of writing can’t leave a review because we know each other. That’s like killing scientific peer-review of publications because you’re in the same field.


While we are on the subject of opinions, judge not the book by its cover art, unless it’s a self-published book and the author picked that gawdawful image. If anything, I think we should all send scathing reviews of cover art to publishers to let them know just because they have PhotoShop on their computer doesn’t make them a graphic artist, but of course, I’m not an artist, so maybe I’ll just shut up about that.


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