Snippet and Sneak Peak Friday

Daughter of Destiny, Book 1 Crossroads of Fate series

He chuckled and his clothes reappeared before he tugged her close again. “Thank you for pulling me out of my nightmare, Katarina.” His hand brushed a tendril of hair away from her face and Katarina’s breath caught. She found herself wishing she hadn’t stopped him a moment before.

“You know what I am, don’t you?”


“Are you afraid of what I am?”

“Should I be?”

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Betrayals, Book 2 Crossroads of Fate Series

An all too human sounding sigh echoed in the kitchen and Delaney spun around, expecting Kieran. Nothing but empty space greeted her. She looked back at the cat. That cat did NOT just sigh. “I think fairy sex has melted my brain.”

The cat sat on its haunches, its gaze unblinking. “I think it melted a long time before that.”

She yelped and jumped in spite of herself. Her hand reached out and grabbed the nearest kitchen utensil. She whimpered when she realized she held a spoon. Tossing it aside, it clattered to floor as she snatched a knife from the dish rack. All the while the cat just sat there watching her. Belatedly it occurred to her that the voice sounded familiar. The tenor voice held a muffled, distorted quality in her head, but the more she reflected, the more certain she became that she knew that voice.

“Who are you?”

The cat shook its head back and forth, as if in disappointment, its eyes infinitely sad. Oh god, please don’t let my cat be possessed, please, please, please. To her right, Mac snorted himself awake. He sniffed his steak, gave it a lick, and then closed his eyes again. She almost decided she’d imagined the voice when it spoke in her head again.

“Some guard dog he is. Give him food and he’d welcome an army of UnSeelie into the house.”

She shrieked and held the knife in front of her.

Kieran appeared at the kitchen doorway; naked and holding a dagger in his hand. “Are you all right? I heard you scream.”

“She was fine until you came here. For god’s sake, put some clothes on, boy!”

Kieran shifted space, reappearing clothed in low-riding jeans. She moved the knife so that she didn’t accidentally stab him, but kept it ready.

“Delaney, I don’t know much about cats, but I’m certain they aren’t supposed to talk, telepathically or otherwise.”

“You’re right.” She peered around Kieran at Imp. “I think we need an exorcist.”


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