Happy 4th of…conconut flour?

All is quiet on this lazy Saturday morning. I’m on my second mug of coffee, after pouring half of the first one in my lap. Caffeine cleanse anyone? My son has slowly turned into a nocturnal creature over the summer, staying up all night gaming and then sleeping through most of the day. I suspect he lets Marble out in the middle of the night because the last few days she has had little interest in going outside when I got up. Granted yesterday it was pouring rain, but the day before and today were the same.

I opened the back door and said, “Out.”

“Nope, I’m good.” Marble’s face translated as she went to her little “den” and waited for food.

Zeke also has been avoiding outside, but that’s normal for him. As I type, he’s curled up under my left elbow. If he could manage to live his entire life in my bed, I think he might.

Zeke is a sweetie, but not very clever or devious—pure snuggle puppy with a side of– SQUIRREL!

Marble? She’s my girl, but also naughty. Oh, you mean that thick, farmer’s market pork chop steak wasn’t for me? My bad. What package of chicken? Oh THIS package of chicken that I brought outside for you. Bacon? Nope, I have no idea what happened to it.

When she’s not pilfering meat off the counter, she watches as I toss stuff in the garbage while cooking. Millie, our dearly departed senior dog, would simply knock over the whole can, but not Marble. No, she sidles up to the garbage and waits for you to look away. She snags the item of interest and leaves everything else. If I catch her in the act, depending on how badly she wants the item in question, she either snags it and runs under the table, or in slow motion continues to inch it out of the garbage. Yes, because if you move very slowly Mom might not notice.

She has a keen sniffer. She can detect cat food through a sealed can.  She doesn’t always go after meat. She likes ice-cream, and cucumbers, sweet potatoes, and junk like chips. As I filled their dog food bowls this morning, I noticed two bags in the crate.

One, thankfully, was unopened and still intact. The other had been gnawed open and a quarter of it eaten. What was it? Coconut flour.

You know what coconut flour mostly consists of? Fiber.

Oh dear.


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