Black Hole in Residence

The upside of kids being out of school is that I can sleep an hour later. Ah, sleep, how I love thee. Seriously, I could wax poetic about sleep for awhile. I’ll stop now, though.

The downside? Fourteen year old boy, at home, with ready access to the refrigerator.

Granted, his sisters can eat a healthy amount too, but Mr. Smarty-pants has officially entered the phase of puberty known as the “black hole”. What? That isn’t a term? Pft. I’m a scientist. It is now.

In an effort to save money I got a membership to Costco. The problem with buying in bulk, is that he eats in bulk.

  • 54 single serving bags of chips? DEVOURED!
  • Gallon of milk? GUZZLED!
  • Gallon of ice cream? OBLITERATED!
  • Giant box of gogurt? SQUISHED OUT OF EXISTENCE!

That’s just the beginning of his food destruction. It doesn’t even touch on the 2 entire packages of hot dogs he ate in 2 days the week before. Oddly, all the frozen vegetables appear safe from his carnage.


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