Dr. Who?

Doctor ME!

Yes, I know, you expected the one with the TARDIS. I’m sorry, I’ve misplaced mine. It would really come in handy when dropping children off at different schools which insist on starting at the same time on opposite ends of town. Needless to say, Miss Drama has a few tardies as a result.

I graduated in December and am now employed. Yay for work, b/c work = paycheck. Now that I’m working, the urge to write has returned, at least in my non-comatose hours. I also want to garden, but it’s below 32 F outside. The motivation macro in my brain is clearly out of sync with the world. Perhaps it’s from zooming around in the TARDIS?

My companion seems reluctant.

My companion seems reluctant.

I suppose if I want to get writing done I’ll simply have to recalibrate the inertial dampers. What? That always worked in Star Trek, unless of course they had to reverse polarity.


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