A Tale of Two Doggies

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. It was an age of adventure and an age of really preferring he was at home in bed…

At the dog park today, Marble made sure she greeted every dog and that they were all okay with her being alpha. There were some grumbled conversations, but apparently she delivered the doggie stare of death and everyone said, “Okay, fine, be boss.” Well, there was the one dog. Puppies tend not to care who is boss. They just bounce up and say, “PLAY WITH ME!!!!” Mable didn’t mind as long as he didn’t jump in her face. She did the doggie version of rolling her eyes and muttering “Kids.”

She didn’t much understand what to do at the dog park the first few times we went. I’m still not sure she gets it. She greets other dogs and the other people. She sniffs around and after awhile decides it’s time to go. The fact she doesn’t growl at every dog she sees and tolerates puppies jumping in her face is such a huge improvement over when I first got her.

One might think Zeke would have loads of fun at the dog park, but they would be wrong. It took him over a year to realize that car rides were not evil. He loves walks, but acts like we have put him in solitary confinement for an ETERNITY if we put him outside for longer than five seconds. Marble has been known to resort to coaxing Zeke outside by hauling the food bowls outside.

When we arrived at the dog park, Zeke was interested, but not quite certain what to make of all the other. dogs. Unlike Marble, he didn’t greet the other dogs, so much as hide behind Marble or me. He tried to start stuff with a Shepard mix twice his size,  and then hid behind me while Marble stepped in. “Sorry, dude,. My little buddy is a dork.”

The he totally freaked out when the puppy chased him. “I do the chasing! OMG why is he chasing me? MARBLE!!!!! He’s chasing me! Help!”

Marble took one look and ignored him. “Dude, it’s a baby. You’re embarrassing me.”

So Marble went and hung out by the Husky looking all cool and majestic while Zeke hid behind my legs—again. When the puppy was otherwise occupied by very important stick chewing, Zeke just stood there and looked at me. “You dragged me out of bed for this?” Yep, he’s the life of the party.

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