You might be a writer if…

You might be a writer if…

  • You can write 80,000 words, but can’t think of a witty phrase when asked to sign a book.
  • You’re not sure if you should autograph your name or pen name.
  • You’re the one that embarrasses the teacher by pointing out the misspelled word on the poster she hung on the wall. [Inverter, Inventor…same difference. Right?]
  • While editing you laugh aloud because, damn that was funny….and then obsess whether anyone else will think it is.
  • You have conversations in your head between characters.
  • You can remember what a minor character wore in chapter 3, but can’t recall the name of the guy who’s worked in your department for three years.
  • You’re more excited when imaginary people introduce themselves to you than when you meet actual people.
  • You edit your FB posts.
  • Friends have to stop you mid-sentence to figure out if you are talking about a character or real person.

writer meme

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One response to “You might be a writer if…

  1. LOVE the first point. I didn’t know what to write when I had my first signing last year. I ended up copying an author who had signed some of my books. Used it ever since.

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