Con Aftemath

My first convention as an author guest is over. MSC was fun, and it was great seeing folks of all artistry types that I’ve gotten to know while volunteering the last few years. It’s a bit surreal to be on the other side of the table, not as a moderator, but a guest. As a brand new author, as expected, no one outside of my writer associates knew me, but earning a spot on a panel imparts an aura of “real author” respect. Panel attendees were friendly and several happily accepted the bookmarks with the free download code. (After all, free, right?) My editor relayed that the feedback he’d received was very good and he’s invited me to a couple of regional fairs, which sounds like fun. He asked when he could see book two, so that’s even more exciting! For those of you who are fans of audiobooks, he informed me that mine will, eventually, be an audiobook.

I’d like to send a great big thank you to those who came out to the con and even more thanks to those who bought books!

I’ve always enjoyed MidSouthCon. This one followed on the heels of several very successful years, and I think the pinch of the economy showed in the smaller crowd and absence of authors who could not afford to travel as far as they once did. That’s sad to see, but hopefully things will rebound in the future.

Despite a very light load, in comparison to the fifteen hours at the con I did last year, my weekend disappeared with the speed of a treat in Marble’s vicinity. Now you see it….wait did I even see it? Miss Diva has a science fair project with a classmate that, of course, experienced technical difficulties. I think I’ve figured out what the problem is, but we’ll have to run to the store for supplies. A Mad Scientist’s work is never done.



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