That’s my girl!

I’ve posted in the past about Miss Drama’s struggles in school. I never did hold her back, but rather had her evaluated for ADHD, treated, and also tutored. It’s taken time, but she’s steadily improved in school.

As a parent, it hurts to see your child struggle, especially when it is clear they are capable of so much. You want others to see the same potential that you see, but far too often teachers are over-worked, underpaid, and cannot provide the extra help needed. In Miss Drama’s case it was very much that, but also a mismatch in teaching style and learning style. Miss Drama is one of those unfortunate souls that learns best by doing and traditional classrooms do not often accommodate that learning style.

By the end of first grade Miss Drama had adopted an attitude that she just couldn’t succeed. Her vivacious thirst for knowledge was drying up. I knew I needed to step in before it was too late. Meds aren’t for everyone, but they made a huge difference for Miss Drama. She’s on a very low dose, but it’s just enough that she was able to learn what focusing was. The tutor I hired in second grade helped her to read and get past her dyslexia. When I got her test scores from the end of her second grade year I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, she was in the “basic” category in a couple of areas, but she had high marks in others. Little-Miss-I-can’t-sit-still-and-focus-for-3-seconds had learned to pay attention with the aide of medication and successfully take an all-day boring test.

This year her tutor is focusing on spelling and study skills. It’s paying off. For the first time Miss Drama made the honor roll. She told me that now she wants to make the principal’s honor roll. I could see her pride and I felt it too. Things that have come easy for her brother and sister always seemed harder for her, even though she’s just as smart.

She asked for a microscope for Christmas and is hyped to sample pond water once the weather gets warm. She might not like school very much, but her thrill for learning has not dimmed and she’s regained her confidence. There have been days we forgot her meds, but she’s learning to focus without them. In time, I believe she’ll be able to ditch them, just as the psychologist predicted.

My little Miss Drama tries my patience and wears me out at times, but she’s creative, fun, curious, and full of exuberance. So even if her room is often a disaster and she still thinks skipping underwear is a good time-saving method, this Mama is very proud of her baby.






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