Cat Thief

Life with pets, kind of like with kids, is rarely dull.

So, Soup King and I went out for a movie and when we arrived home the laundry room door was open. Soup King found this suspicious, but I figured maybe the wind blew it open. After all, my bike has already been stolen and the only thing in there is a mountain of dirty laundry. I suppose if a thief had a thing for dirty blankets I’d be in trouble.

We get into the house, let the dogs out, and a knock sounds at the door. I open the door and poke my head out. A little kid with glasses asks for Mr. Smarty Pants. “Sorry, he’s at his dad’s this weekend.”

Then from farther down the drive a kid calls out, “A dude stole your cat.”


“He went in your laundry room and took your cat.”

“Which cat?”

“The black one.”

“Are you sure? There was another black cat roaming around here. Maybe it was his cat.” I try not to assume the worst about people, because, really, who steals cats?

Soup King went inside to see if Midnight had gone outside, and it turned out she had. So yeah, it was Midnight.

“She got away though and ran off. We followed him and asked about the cat and he tried to say it was his.”

Given that while playing this morning she pricked me with razor sharp claws worthy of Wolverine, I’m guessing she got away by scratching the would-be cat thief.

“Was it a teenager or adult?”

“Nah, like a middle school kid.”

*Sigh* “Okay, thanks kids.” I had visions of Midnight stalking some kid and plotting revenge. That cat is very loving, but I’ve seen what she does to critters. She isn’t one to cross. After all, she likes me and still attempts to smother me in my sleep by sleeping on my face.

Death in the guise of a cute and cuddly bundle of fur.

Death in the guise of a cute and cuddly bundle of fur….well at least for anything smaller than her.


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