So, a couple of weeks back I resumed exercising. I tend to feel very counter-productive when I work out. When I don’t work out, I’m fine with a plate that looks like this:


Well, maybe not THAT little, but you get the idea.

I work out and turn into this:

I call it an acute case of exernoms. Unlike the cookie monster I do not eat only cookies, either. To quote Soup King, I eat “all of the things.”  So I might have two servings of pot-roast and veggies, dessert, and then go back and nibble more pot-roast. Granted, I am doing weights and attempting to build muscle, but it never seems to quite work how I’d like it to. I have managed a teeny tiny increase in my arms and improved my leg strength marginally, but now my pants are mocking me. Oddly though, the scale doesn’t budge, at least not enough to count. Going up and down in a two pound range is water weight. I don’t really care all that much about the number on the scale, but I do like my pants to button. So if I make my “white girl” butt less flat, does that mean my pants won’t fit forever more, or will there eventually be some give somewhere else so that it all works out?

I try to feed my exernom urges with things like dry roasted edammamme or celery and peanut butter, or an apple, but the dark side is powerful.

Image You don’t know the power of the exernoms.



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