Adventure Tails

Zeke’s recounting of this weekend.

There were snuggles. LOTS of snuggles. I love snuggles. I can snuggle all day. Well, maybe I’ll break for a trip outside to pee, bark at the neighbor dogs, and then snatch some noms, but then back to snuggling.

10 more minutes?

10 more minutes?

Mom took us for an adventure this weekend! We went for a walk in the big grassy place where there are lots of other dogs. She insisted I wear that pokey thing on my neck. I have no idea why.

I come when she calls…..sometimes, and I can totally take every dog I meet. <Shut up, Marble, I can too!>

Marble gets to run off leash. That totally isn’t fair. She runs ahead, “We’re OUTSIDE!” and then back “We’re OUTSIDE”, and then ahead, “OMG We’re OUTSIDE” and back “We’re OUTSIDE!”….

No wonder she hogs all the water.

Millie didn’t come with us. She’s SLOW. She doesn’t walk, so much as meander and poo a lot. She never wants to play with me. She’s no fun.

I liked this adventure MUCH better than that one we went on when I was a puppy. Something kept roaring. I heard the humans say something about a lion. I don’t know what that is, but it sounded big and pissed. I don’t like to stay outside very long without Mom, you know, just in case there’s one around.

You can never be too careful. I bet if that lion had someone to snuggle with it wouldn’t be so pissed.





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