Review- The Displaced Detective Series: The Case of the Cosmological Killer (Endings and Beginnings and The Rendlesham Incident)

I could have used Holmes’ skill this morning when I sadly discovered my brand new bicycle had been liberated from my laundry room. Alas, I can only find him within the realm of fiction.

However, in that realm, he rules. I reviewed the first and second books in Stephanie Osborn’s series last week. All ebooks are currently on sale over on Amazon.

In this case, these two books are best read back to back. It’s very clear that the publisher decided a page count had been met and literally published half a book, so I’ll review the two as basically one story.


Our hero, the one and only Sherlock Holmes, gets hitched and then shortly thereafter visits London with his new bride to handle a particularly confounding case for the Queen.

The ups and downs of seeing his home and yet not his home is handled quite well. Osborn makes us empathize with her characters. Poor Dr. Chadwick-Holmes finds herself in the odd position of being viewed as an impediment or handy convenience rather than as a wife when introduced to those who know that Holmes is the Holmes. That subplot speaks volumes to the human tendency to make assumptions, especially about people we view as heroes.

Not long after arriving in England, Skye and Sherlock discover the true nature of the UFO. A tessaract from another multiverse is viewing them. Due to design differences, it creates an orb like structure visible in their multiverse. While Sherlock explores a mysterious death, Skye once again must save the very fabric of the multiverse from disaster, but this time she has a little help.

It’s a fun read with excellent character growth and intriguing science melded around a mystery that reveals itself one clue at a time.  Check it out!

Endings and Beginnings


One response to “Review- The Displaced Detective Series: The Case of the Cosmological Killer (Endings and Beginnings and The Rendlesham Incident)

  1. Spot on review! Ms. Osborn’s books are a wonderful escape from the daily grind!

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