Book Review- The Case of the Displaced Detective: At Speed

I shall bookend this week with another review. This one is for book two in the Displaced Detective Series by Stephanie Osborn. This past Monday I reviewed book one. 

***Contains a few spoilers***

Book two, The Case of the Displaced Detective: At Speed, picks up right where book one left off. The heroine, Skye Chadwick spends a good portion of this book recovering from a gunshot wound received in book one. Sherlock finds himself torn between the principles of logic and reason and his emotions. While Holmes and Chadwick believe they thwarted the spy ring’s attempt to sabotage the Tessaract, they still must identity the members of the spy ring and determine the motive for the sabotage.

The romance holds center court in the first half of the book, but the mystery and the danger surrounding it influences the motivations of each character. As clues are slowly revealed, the plot unfolds and tension mounts. Even toward the end of the book, the insecurities of each character makes for romantic tension, as one isn’t sure they’ll find common ground.

In regards to the mystery, they end up chasing their quarry across dimensions to prevent catastrophic damage to multiple continuums, and in the process of their investigation Holmes and Chadwick each end up injured multiple times. Moriarty in any continuum is not a fellow one wishes to trifle with.

The book is primarily character driven and written to mimic Arthur Connan Doyle’s original Sherlock Holmes writing style. The pacing makes one feel the passage of time, and the frustration that comes with having to wait for the next information tidbit, rather than making it seem as if complex investigations magically wrap up in twenty-four hours. Another thing I liked, was that the characters are not “super people”. You know how in so many stories the hero or heroine face overwhelming odds and escape without so much as scratch? Holmes and Chadwick each earn their fair share of bruises and they feel it. One winces as it seems they spend a good portion of the story recuperating from yet another mishap.

If you enjoy fast paced, action pack stories, I’d suggest you read another book. If, however, you enjoy character driven stories where mystery and science entwine with romance, give this series a shot.



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