Humor Fail

A friend on FB tagged me in an article she linked. At first glance it is a humorous satire, but only on the surface.

Let’s look at a few assumptions the article makes:

  1.  Whole Foods is insanely expensive.– Yep, it is. So is the hospital, and healthcare, and higher education, and taxes. Cheap crap is so abundant that we’ve been sold the lie it’ll do just fine and anyone willing to pay more is a sucker. I don’t go to the hospital daily, and neither do most people go to Whole Foods daily. Usually it’s for specific items that are hard to find at the local grocery or pharmacy.
  2. The employees are asses trying to rob you blind.– So is the IRS, that dude on Craigslist, and the used car salesman, but we expect that it seems. The author describes hypocritical people, proclaiming hippie peace, but acting like thieving snakes. Clearly the store I go to was invaded by body double aliens who are polite, helpful, and don’t push me to buy anything I don’t want.
  3. The clientele are also hypocritical asses.- She mentions a dude in a Prius who nearly runs down a mother and child in the parking lot. I’m fairly certain the local grocery store has an equal number of jerkwads.
  4. Poor people don’t have food intolerance.- Tell that to the kid who attended daycare with my daughter as an infant. Tell that to the kids with milk and peanut allergies, the kids with psoriasis, the African American lady I met at the store whose grandson was diagnosed with Celiacs. I’ve met people in all walks of life with food allergies and intolerances. The poor simply have a harder time dealing with it. I’m living on a graduate student stipend and loans to feed the kiddos. I’m by no means rich, which means when my grocery bill doubled I felt it, and had to cut costs elsewhere. It’s that or be ill every day. To dismiss the concept as hypochondriac conditions made up by yuppies undercuts the struggles of all those people out there.
  5. The beauty isle will tell you how ugly you are and that you need to buy ten gazillion products to fix it. This is different from other stores how?

I could probably tear apart that article paragraph by paragraph. It comes down to the author possessing a highly judgmental attitude toward those she perceives as “hippies” and that it’s all a bunch of BS designed to drain your bank account. Nevermind that TV, internet and other stores hit you with ads convincing you, yes, you really do need another Swiffer product or the latest greatest cell phone, or a new car, etc. No, since Whole Foods sells organic food and specialty foods, clearly they are worse. She seems to miss the point that maybe not everyone fits in her picture, that perhaps some people are not gullible fools willing to buy anything, and that many of the products sold are available for a reason.

It’s taken three years for my local grocery store to carry most of the flours I require to bake gluten free, but they still don’t carry them all. Of all the doctors I saw, not one could prescribe or suggest anything to make me feel better. I read research articles and tried various supplements until I found ones that work.

Did you know, that the vast majority of modern medicine comes from natural products? Things like curcumin (tumeric) and quercetin are being heavily researched because they DO work, but the bio-availability is low, and of course they can’t make money off of it unless they come up with a patentable semi-synthetic version. NIH is stingy with funds these days. They wouldn’t fund it if the studies were lying about the natural products doing things like slowing cancer and killing microbes.

Sure, some of it is BS, but some isn’t. Maybe the author should wonder whether something is wrong with our general diet and healthcare approach if people have to turn to high priced supplements. Then again, I’m just a medicinal chemist. What would I know?


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