The Case of the Haunted Phone

So, maybe I’ve over-dosed on Holmes of late. Who hasn’t?

You haven’t?

It’s just me?

Ah, well, maybe I can change your mind at some point. After all, Sherlock Holmes IS the greatest detective ever.

After hearing friends mention the shows, I finally got around to checking out both the British “Sherlock” and the American “Elementary”. I quite like both. They have different styles and I’m the sort that can enjoy many permutations of the same thing.

I was snuggling in my recliner watching the last bit of a “Sherlock” episode. Right before the credits my phone, which was sitting on the table beside me, starts playing music. I pick it up and stare. No apps are visibly running and no call appears to be in progress.


I tap at a few keys and the phone goes to menus as it should. The music stops.

“Okay. Weird.”

I turn back to “Sherlock” and it starts up again. This time the clip goes on and I listen. It’s playing “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful” and someone is singing in the background. At first I think maybe my sis’s phone has called mine via bluetooth by mistake, but no, there’s no call in progress and then I realize, “I think that’s ME.”

Sure enough, the radio mentions a Memphis radio host before the next song starts playing. I go to the apps and pull up the active apps, but there’s nothing active that can account for what is clearly a recorded clip. Odd.

The audio clip ends and it takes me a couple of minutes to find it in the files and confirm that it IS the clip. I clearly must have accidentally hit SOMETHING and recorded myself at some point. I’m still uncertain what app pulled it up or how.

Maybe if I watch more Sherlock Holmes, the answer will come to me.


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