The Mold Wars

Day 1

All quiet on the pollen front, but unexplained itching and sneezing have occurred. Counter-attacked unseen assailants with vitamin C.

Days 2-5

Repeated pressure attacks have occurred in the cranial region. Again, the pollen front is quiet, no rain in sight, but further surveillance has spotted steadily increasing mold activity.

Day 6

Carried out a preemptive strike with benadryl, allegra, and psuedophed. Ventured outside for an hour with the canine crew. By evening mold countered with intense itching, cranial pressure, and post-nasal drip.

Day 7

Preemptive strikes are failing to contain the enemy. Broke out the WMD: Nyquil. The collateral damage was thirteen hours of sleep, followed by lingering drowsiness.

Day 8

Avoided outdoors as much as possible and continued the preemptive strikes. Considering acquiring a human-sized hamster ball as a countermeasure. Countermeasure, however, lacks practicality.

Intel reports a vicious battle for approximately the next two months, after which, due to the cold, we’ll be restricted to indoors where dust mites will likely see a resurgence of activity. It appears that no end to the conflict is in sight.


While I joke about my allergies,  it often does feel as if my body is raging a pointless war, as mold, pollen, and dust are just about every freaking where, and my body insists on fighting them.

With our country on verge of carrying out more violence to supposedly curb another party’s violence, it is not my intent to make light of war and violence. It’s a nightmarish thing and I fear that we’ve set events into motion that will ultimately cost more lives than it will save. Whether soldier or civilian, my thoughts and hopes for safety go out to you.


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