Half past time flies

I registered the kids for school this week. They start on Monday. I’m not entirely sure where the summer went, but I think I should get a refund. Summers are supposed to be slow, and fun, and lazy. Okay, I didn’t once get up before 6 a.m., but I wouldn’t call that lazy, so much as normal. It’s a cruel and unusual punishment that school will start even earlier this year. 

I mentored a student this summer, possibly made a fluorescent nucleoside (I have to purify it to know for sure), cursed at cells as they once again decided to throw a tantrum and quit working, and started writing a paper. I’ve also reached level 32 on Star Trek Online. I’ve gotten adept enough to only walk my avatar into walls on occasion rather than every other move. I suppose that counts as fun, but it isn’t a beach vacation.

So as I prepare for battling hordes of desperate parents as they seek out new binders and new backpacks, boldly going to big box store after big box store to secure supplies, I also have exciting things of my own to prepare for.

I’m not sure if qualifying exams count as exciting, but I’ll be prepping like mad over the next couple of months. What is exciting is that I’ve got editors assigned to me for both books which are in the works.

On August 17th I’ll be participating in a local multi-author book signing and meet and greet event held the past couple of years at a local independent book store. My publisher will also be in attendance, both as an author in her own right and as a publisher. We’ll be revealing my cover and announcing the release date of my book, Fated Bonds, and taking pre-orders.

I’ll have a few freebies: copies of the issue of Midnight Screaming, a local magazine no longer in publication, in which my short story, “Hunted” appeared. While not in the same time period as the novel, it is part of the same universe.

Seeing as I started writing Fated Bonds roughly six years ago, this process seems to have taken forever, but this summer has flown by. I’m considering asking for a winter discount, since summer opted to have fun without me.

In the meantime, I’ll rely on weekend hikes and completed chapters for my dose of fun.

If you’re interested in checking out some local talent, feel free to check out the event details on my Facebook page.


2 responses to “Half past time flies

  1. I’ll be needing my signed copy. 😉

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