It’s a Small World

Oh, and the song isn’t stuck in your head now? Here, let me help with that:

You know what they say, misery loves company, and I got that stuck in my head while showering this morning.


Facebook, of course, because that’s the kind of seductive evil it likes to commit. (Yes, I use FB, and rather frequently. Of course, I never claimed to be good.)

So, yesterday, a friend, whom I know through Soup King, spotted a comment left by one of my writer friends, and it turns out he knew him from way back when the writer friend trained in Kung Fu.

It’s said that we are connected to other people by six degrees of separation.  If so, then the people around me prefer to cut to the chase and leap ahead a few degrees, because this is not the first time friends were connected independently of me and by only one or perhaps two degrees of separation, or that I shared an unknown connection.

When I met soup king I later discovered he once worked at my favorite book store and at least once we met briefly as he handled my book purchases. In addition his Reiki teacher knew my karate sensei and was good friends with his (then) wife.

One of my writer group friends had siblings in my karate class. One day she showed up to pick them up and we stared at each other as the shock of seeing someone in an unexpected location rattled our memory cells.

Soup King lived in my neighborhood as a kid, as did his cousin. One of his friends still lives down the street from me.

Early on in my Facebook experience I reconnected with some old high school friends, as I think many people do. I attended two separate high schools in two different suburban areas on opposite sides of Houston. One day as I perused FB posts I saw a face from one school and through a series of clicks tried to figure out how friends from school B knew friends from school A. It wasn’t just one friend but literally a set from one that knew a couple from the other school. I finally asked one from school A how she knew them and it turned out they all went to the same college and she had no idea I knew them from high school. I found it extremely amusing and proof that similar geeky/nerdy souls seek each other out. How else can one explain those individuals, in a school of over 30,000 people, all of various majors, finding and becoming friends?

While working in my first chemistry job as a part-time quality control chemist for a local janitorial supply company, I interacted regularly with a salesman for a regional bulk chemical supplier. Six months into my job, after a random conversation about names and people misspelling them, we both realized we were related. He was my cousin’s husband, but had not seen me since I was an infant, so he didn’t put two and two together for awhile.

In college I was chatting with my adviser, and once again a conversation about names clued us in to a mutual connection. He had gone to grade school with my aunt. She claimed he had a crush on her and chased her around the desks at eighth grade graduation. He denied it, but I can tell when people are lying….he was so lying.

In writing this blog, it occurs to me that Soup King and I have had a number of connections, as if the universe figured that if we bounced around in the same circles enough we were bound to meet. One could almost theorize that perhaps we were meant to meet. 🙂


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