From the Gulf Stream Waters…

My boss started to sing “This Land is Your Land” the other day as he talked about how much he enjoyed the July 4th holiday. I managed not to wince. At least it wasn’t as bad as when he played the recorder at Christmas. (Yes, that really annoying instrument that kids learn to play in elementary school….and he played worse than the average elementary school student.) The patriotic song brought back memories of my elementary school music classes and was rather apropos, seeing as how I embarked on a last minute road trip the  following  day.

My sister, Ms. Music, celebrated the start of graduate school in Michigan with an unscheduled trip to the E.R., followed by five different doctors arguing over what to do with her. Four days later, after they finally arrived at a consensus, she got released, minus her gallbladder and a piece of liver. I arrived in time to ferry her to the place she’s renting and act as cook and errand girl for a day or two.

I got mono the first semester of college and a semester into my grad school I had stomach flu for a week, which triggered the onset switch from occasional intestinal issues to a chronic condition.

We girls know how to party! In fact we’re in full party mode right now.

How so? I woke up today with a splitting sinus headache. Two doses of ibuprofen later, a dose of phenyephrine, and two mugs of coffee, I’m almost back to normal, and by normal I mean stuffy and sneezy. In the spirit of American equality, I can proudly say I’m just as allergic to the north as I am the south.

My sis is having quality time in comatose land. It used to be that like me she could sleep through anything. Even doped up, she sleeps rather lightly now. I startled her out of sleep on accident last night merely by opening the door. The lamp from the other room was enough to wake her. Me? Unless you pry open my eyelids and blind me with the light, I’m out cold.

Our July 4th will be a rollicking good time, what with her being doped up and me feeling like the fireworks are going off in my head and both of us trying to catch up on graduate study stuff.

So Happy Independence Day everyone, but I don’t suggest sinus headaches or surgery as ideal celebratory activities!



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