What’s My Niche?

My dear Soup King got me an online course for publishing on the Kindle. A lot of the marketing applies to micro and small press as well. I started with the “Market Research” for fiction.

Here’s what I got from this section:

Good Advice

1) Write the best story you can.

2) Don’t pick the current “hot” trend, but rather write something that sparks your interest and about which you feel passionate.

3) Writing is a long-term commitment.

4) You can succeed in any genre. Of course, success is subjective.

5) There’s really no new ideas, but rather find your way to tell it.

Why I’m not a millionaire…(aka..I disagree)

1) Pick a genre. My genres picked me, and I tend to combine genres.

2) Don’t jump from genre to genre. Oops. I’ve written romance, urban fantasy, science fiction, YA sci-fi, dark fantasy, and horror. My publisher says the book I’d think of as speculative fiction is pulp fiction. It seems I’m doing it wrong.

3) Examine your niche genre. Read reviews and see what people like and what they don’t. Include elements that people like. You’re supposed to think about what readers want, BEFORE YOU WRITE? I put what I like. I’m a reader. Does that count? On that whole “niche”, uhm…. yeah, I’ll get back to you when I figure that one out.

Stay tuned for more stuff I’m doing wrong.


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