Anything for Trek

I am a die hard Trekkie. I grew up watching the original Star Trek series re-runs, the movies,  the animated series, and saw Star Trek:TNG when it was brand spanking new. I watched DS9, Voyager, and yes, even Enterprise. I can’t say I liked some of the story lines in the latter, but it was Star Trek and I love Scott Bakula , so I watched it.

While my inner scientist cringed at the whole “red matter” thing, I liked the alternate universe approach for the movie reboots. Oh, and I’ve read far more Star Trek books than I can list. My first foray into “grown-up” reading started as reading every Star Trek book I could find. For one, I’ve never, ever read a bad Trek book. I’ve read some that were forgettable and some so good that I’ve re-read them a dozen times. It was sort of that way with most of the movies and shows. It was guaranteed to entertain, and sometimes it made you look deeper, and once in a while it hit with an unexpected emotional punch, but very rarely was I ever dissatisfied. Okay, there were times I sat there watching Enterprise and I argued with the TV. “That is NOT cannon! The Vulcans would never, ever do that! OMG What are they thinking?” Still, this was more of an issue of the show not conforming to prior history rather than bad acting.

So where am I going with my ode to the Trek universe?

I’m getting there….

Soup King, if I haven’t mentioned it, is a gamer. I am not. I dabble from time to time, have a bit of fun, and then get bored and wander off to do non-gaming things. I grew up with 2-D, insanely hard games like Pac-Man and Mario Brothers (Damn you level 4 dragon!…b/c I never cared enough to hunt up those 99 lives, I never made it past world 4, except once, but I promptly died when arriving at world 5). Any one who knows me can attest, I have a hard enough time navigating in the real world. The 3-D characters that traipse about in games now take rather more skill than hitting an arrow key and A (or was it B?) to jump.

In any case, some of the games he’s played have indeed looked quite interesting. He tried to get me play PortalI kept walking into walls and couldn’t get my person to point where I wanted to go. I gave up quickly. I didn’t care if there was cake promised. Besides, from what I hear, the cake is a lie anyway.

Soup King started playing Star Trek Online. Even better? It’s free. I jumped all over that.

I’m sure there are hundreds of people watching my ship wobble helter skelter though a system and wonder if I’m drunk. Maybe by the time I get high enough in rank for PvE or PvP game play I’ll quit walking into walls. Then again, this is me. I walk into walls in real life.

When I finished the tutorial the NPC Admiral said, “You’ve shown great promise.  You’ll make a great Captain.”

Soup King commented, “Clearly he didn’t see you fly.”

I retorted, “He said Captain, not pilot!”

For Star Trek though, I’ll brave 3-D game play….going where [I] have never gone before!

Don't let her pilot!

Don’t let her pilot!


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