Stop the Madness!

I read this book…okay I skimmed this book. It’s how to tackle a 13-week walk to run plan. I looked at the first week and said, “I can totally do that.” I could and I did. This is week two and I took Marble with me for the walk/run around the neighborhood. It entails eight intervals of four minutes walking followed by a minute of running.

Here’s Marble’s commentary:

First walk interval

Ooh, a walk, a walk, a walk. We’re going for a walk!

First Run

Ooh! A run! Haha, I’m beating you Mom!

Second walk interval

Hey, don’t we usually turn there? We’re going on a long walk? Cool!

Second Run

Again? Okay. I’m still beating you!

Third walk interval

Whew! I’m winded. We’ve never gone this way before. Mom, there’s lots of cars over here. I’m not sure I like this route.

Third run

Are we running from the cars? I’m totally on board with that.

Fourth walk interval

Good heavens Mom, where the heck are we? Are we there yet?

fourth run


Fifth walk interval

Hey, that was our street. Where are you going? Home is that way!

Fifth run

Mom, are you nuts? You’re running AWAY from the house. Come on, let’s turn back. Please?

Sixth walk interval

It’s not too late. We can totally go back home. Mom, are you even listening to me?

Sixth run

Again? Really? Can we maybe just like sit? That patch of clover looks like an excellent spot.

Seventh walk interval

Why? Why are we still walking?

Seventh run

ZOMG WHY??????

Eighth walk interval


Eighth run

ZOMG! I see home! RUN HOME!


I have to admit, my legs feel that one. I wonder who is more sore, Marble or me?


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