Road Hazards

I’m glad to be home. Where did I go? I attended a two-day medicinal chemistry grad student and post-doc conference. I perfected my undercover snoozing and tested my caffeine tolerance while listening to hours of presentations.

Not five minutes after leaving our campus Sunday, with Professor B driving a minivan and Professor M driving a fifteen passenger van, some moron attempted to merge into our minivan. I looked out the window and mere inches away was another vehicle and it was moving closer still.

“Car! CARRRR!”

Professor B typically drives a Hummer. I saw why after the two and half hour road trip. He drives as if he owns the road and little things like one-way street signs or speed limits 1need not apply to him. Still, that could not compare to other road hazards:

Depending on others to provide gluten and dairy free food.

I called ahead and they agreed to accommodate, but when the coordinator says, “Uhm, I don’t really know much about gluten,” you make back-up plans. I stocked my suitcase with as much food as clothes: almond milk, kale chips, ginger (in case I got glutenated), GF crackers,  seasoned dry peas, and a small summer sausage.


Dinner buffet: Swedish meatballs, egg rolls, some sort of spinach dip or quiche thing, and a couple of other clearly non GF selections. What did that leave me? Plain, raw veggies and fruit.

I went back to my room, snagged the sausage and crackers, and came back to the table as if carrying your own sausage was a perfectly normal thing to do.


Breakfast:  Eggs and bacon, which isn’t bad, but the eggs looked funny and even though the guy  said they had nothing in there, I’m not so certain.

Lunch:  Catered lunch from a Mexican restaurant, which sounds as if I’d be out of luck, but actually they had a detailed allergen checklist on their website which steered me clear of the chips I might have eaten, as well as the beef.  Enough of their fajita toppings were safe so I created a fajita salad and filled up, as dinner didn’t sound promising.

Dinner: Battered and fried chicken patties, veggie burgers (veggie stuff is rarely GF), and hot dogs, chips, and buttered popcorn. The hot dogs were the only thing I could eat, and this took a leap of faith that they were a GF brand. So I added my kale chips and that was dinner.


Breakfast: same

Lunch: Sandwiches catered from a local place, which happened to have GF bread. Yay!

The catered meals from local restaurants topped both university provided meals.  For dinner tonight Soup King and I made chicken Marsala, cauliflower, and steamed peas and carrots. Nothing tops home-cooked food.


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