Yard Trek: Live Long and Bark

These are the exploits of Basement Cat: her continuing mission to explore strange new grass, to seek out new life and new noms, to boldly go where no cat has gone before!

Basement Cat’s Log: Yard Date 5.10.2013

I sadly report the disappearance of Junior while on an away mission. His status is unknown and it is hoped that he may one day return to Yard base.

He shall be missed.

He shall be missed.

In other news:

  •  Jack and I maintain our perimeter sweeps and have successfully countered attempted invasions.
  • Admiral Nom-Giver has embarked on a beautification quest. I wonder if this is the reason so many seek out our Yard Base.

    Yard Base front Yard

    Yard Base front Yard

  • Captain Marble inadvertently caused the death of a resident Gallus gallus domesticus. I hear the loss was not in vain and made an excellent soup. When asked, Captain Marble said that she regrets her rash actions, but cannot deny that chicken is delicious.
  • Rumors abound that more Gallus gallus domesticus will join our current residents. I will report on that as events unfold.
  • Finally, Millie is coming up on 15 years of age. She wishes to share her life philosophy:

     live long and bark….

At EVERYTHING, and for no reason at all, and at two a.m or five p.m., or maybe just all day.

I cannot particularly claim I agree with this philosophy. I find that stealth mode is far more effective. However, she is fifteen, so maybe there’s something to it.

That is all for now.

Basement Cat, signing off.


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