Searcher Waylaid

One of the lovely things about blogging is the page filled with stats. I’m positive I’m doing the SEO stuff all wrong. I don’t drop key words. Half the time I write a post and then remember I have to put tags.

Hmm. So what was this post about, exactly? “Everything” is probably not the best tag.

One fun section of stats are the search engine searches which have landed people onto my site. The first two are rather boring, but show that a whopping 13 people purposely searched for me…or that other southerndreamer blogger. Sorry “Southerndreamer”. I totally waylaid them.

Three people probably wanted to find out how to get rid of the critter eating their roof and landed on my blog instead. My answer: Midnight, the feline rodent serial killer.

Given search #4, I’m tempted to find out how many “meow meow meow deck the halls” sites turn up. The internet loves cats, so it’s probably a lot.

I have to say, I don’t recall quoting Metallica, but maybe I did…

Those are just the searches done more than once. So far nothing has yet to replace this one as the oddest search:

anne barringer and johnny sex exy hot

I suppose the rest of you landed here on purpose. Welcome! Of course, there’s always the possibility you were inadvertently waylaid by my blog and are now trapped in a digital world, forced to view my site over and over in hopes of escape. It could be worse. This could be WebMD and your every symptom could be a foreshadowing of doom.

For my fellow bloggers, what’s the craziest search that’s landed someone on your page?

southerndreamer 9
h playa 4
squirrel 3
meow meow meow deck the halls 3
pictures of pinocchio lying 2
kid tucked in with teddy bear 2
pinocchio lying 2
southern dreamer wordpress 2
wearing many hats 2
monster be gone stuffed animal 2
teddy bears keeping kids safe 2
love is dreamer a-ha 2
angry chicken 2
intestinal parasites and hot flashes 2
can i eat chicken tikka masala with ibs 2
hamster ball 2
teddy saves child in sleep 2
system test 2
darth vader holding cookies 2
rockstar teddy bear 2
hush little baby don’t say a word and never mind that noise you heard it’s just the beast under your bed in your closet in your head 2
zombie chicken 2

One response to “Searcher Waylaid

  1. Well, as you know I’m rather crude on my blog so my favorite search term involves the letters F and U.

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