Tumble Tomatoes?

I’ve heard of tumbleweed, but tumble tomatoes? Yes, I agree, it makes no sense.

Let me explain.

I put out a flat of tomato plants, along with some peppers and other vegetable and melon seedlings, so that they could harden. They went outside about a week ago when the weather finally decided Spring could stay. A few days ago, when heavy rains were forecasted I went out to move them to a more sheltered location.

No flat.



I asked Soup King, but he didn’t know where they were. I thought maybe I put them in the backyard, but later in the week I looked and they were no where to be found. On Sunday, while picking up in the front yard, I finally found them in the neighbor’s overgrown flower bed. I suspected a certain Miss Drama.

I moved the flat to the corner of my front yard so it could get lots of sunshine. I arrived home yesterday, glanced at where the plants should be, and you guessed it.

Gone. Again!

I asked Miss Drama, “Do you know where my flat of plants went? Did you move it?”

“What plants?”


I went on a plant hunt and this time the flat was in my brand new shade flower bed.  I think this is a sign that I need to plant those suckers in the ground before they start taking road trips. I also need to show Miss Drama, “THOSE plants!”

If THOSE plants go on walkabout, forget zombies, it's a plant take-over!

If THOSE plants go on walkabout, forget zombies, it’s a plant take-over!




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