State of the Writer

One quarter of the year has passed. My resolution to exercise has long since petered out, much like any hope of the government passing a sensible balanced budget.

At the beginning of the year I announced a short story was accepted. I still don’t know when it is coming out. I believe this could be my deadline-cliff. It keeps moving and is utterly nebulous.

I submitted another short story to a different publisher and received the most positive, “I-hate-that-my-budget-sucks-and-my-boss-says-I-have-to-reject-you-b/c-the-magazine-is-full” rejection letter ever. I don’t think a singing unicorn painting rainbows with dancing puppies could have made the rejection any more upbeat and positive. They even asked for more stories, “Please”.

In the American can-do spirit, I sent the story off to three different publishers in hopes of achieving the American dream of owning my own singing unicorn.

What? That’s not the American dream? Well, it should be.

Finally, in the most awesome news ever (something that government never seems to have), I received an offer for my novel, well, one of them. This one happens to be the one which started this insanity writing career pursuit. In not so awesome news, it likely won’t come out until next year. As details become available, I will share them. There will likely be a short story put out prior to the book’s release which takes place in that world, but is stand alone. A friend of mine may also grace us with awesome renders of characters. So, stay tuned and check back often, or at least before next year.






4 responses to “State of the Writer

  1. I know a year is forever to wait, but it’s nothing in novel terms. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    • southerndreamer

      Thanks! Given that it’s been 4years of shopping it, 3 years prior to that of writing and rewriting, it’s been a long, long journey.

  2. Congratulations on the offer on your novel! It seems we have at least two things in common……Fibromyalgia and writing, Happy to have found you on here!

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