Behind the Curve

I’m behind the curve. I might have fallen off of it. A year ago I had innocent little children ignorant of so many things. A few random remarks by my eldest two children have made it clear that they know WAY more than I thought they did about certain subjects– and I’m not talking about mathematics.

We had the big talk about puberty and sex over the summer and they’ve asked a few questions, but there were a host of related topics not covered. I didn’t think I needed to dump it all on them at once.

I made a joke a couple of weeks back, aimed at Soup King, and Mr. Smarty-pants picked up on subtle innuendo that a few months ago would have gone right over his head. Then I noticed Miss Diva picking up on stuff.

No doubt he’s sharing his new found knowledge with Miss Diva. I can’t really be mad about that. I did the same thing. At least he isn’t enlightening Miss Drama. At least, I don’t think he is.

I suddenly have the urge to give Miss Drama a pop quiz.

When he sees that I’m shocked that he knows something, he laughs and says, “Mom, I go to Ridgeway.”

Come to think of it, maybe I should give Mr. Smarty-Pants a pop quiz too. Heck while we’re at it, they can all take a quiz.

How do I know what type of corrupted information has been passed their way without a quiz?

Ugh, so why is it I feel like my knowledge is about to be tested?


5 responses to “Behind the Curve

  1. Good old puberty. The sex talk is all kinds of awkward.

  2. Wow. This is timely. My daughter just went through “Maturation” at school today – and would much rather I never mention it to her.

  3. southerndreamer

    Haha! Mine wanted to hop on the deodorant bandwagon before they even needed to. While there was a bit of embarrassment factor on their end (I hid mine- mostly.) at first, they’ve learned they can ask just about anything and I’ll address it in a scientific manner. The downside of this is I often am the recipient of TMI comments. On the plus side, it means I’ve laid excellent ground work for their teen years…I think.

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