Not Millie Approved

“Bark, bark, bark!”

Activating bark decoder:

“Marble wants in!” Millie announces repeatedly in the kitchen.

“Of course I want in,” Marble says. “Didn’t I just say that?”

Soup King opens the door and Marble trots in and Zeke goes out.

“Marble is in. I want out, but not with Zeke. He tries to jump on me while I pee.” I let Millie out the other door.

She’s gone out and come back in by the time that Zeke decides he wants in too.

Notice how none of them seem to want the same thing or if they do, not at the same time? That seems to happen a lot.

I was thinking about my writing today while pipetting a gazillion samples. Okay, only 288, but it felt like a gazillion. I continued mulling over my stories as Millie proceeded to complain about life in general. She’s a crotchety old doggie.

When each of my stories popped into my head, I didn’t intend to write anything controversial. Not all of them are, mind, but some definitely have topics and characters that people might not agree with, depending on their social mores.

I didn’t plan on it, but then again, I’m populating fictional worlds with diverse characters, much like real life is populated with many types of people of varying beliefs.

I have at times considered changing things to keep from offending people, but I always second guess those decisions. As time goes by, I’m finding that the story often tells me if the bit I’m thinking of changing really needs to be there. I worry about people’s reactions.  Will people hate it? Will they like it? What will my family think? What will my friends think?

Then I sit here and hear Millie barking, “I don’t want them play fighting in here. I want to lay down in the bedroom. Why are you sitting in here? Get up!”

You can’t please everyone. As an individual and a writer you must be true to yourself….

Even when it isn’t Millie approved.



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