Alacazam! Alaca-choo!

It’s amazing! It’s mesmerizing! It’s magic! Take a pill and Alacazam your allergies disappear!

Kind of…

Sort of…

Okay, not really.

What’s even worse? I made an appointment with an allergist next week and was told not to take any antihistamines for the three days leading up to the appointment. Okay. So I went ahead and skipped taking them for three days. Three, six, what’s the difference? I used to go months without antihistamines. It’s frigid and wet outside. I shouldn’t have too many issues.

Day One: Suffering from a cold, and maybe my eyes itch now and then, but nothing too bad.

Day TwoStill managing okay. Maybe some of those sneezes are less the cold and more allergies, but I’m trucking along.

Day Three: What the heck did I touch? My hand itches. [I wash my hand and it eventually subsides.] What is with my face? By the end of the day my face is sporting a red, irritated “mask” where I had applied my combo tinted moisturizer/sun screen. I wash my face, apply grape seed oil as a non-chemical moisturizer, and a thin layer of cortisone cream (Yes, I know cortisone is not suggested for the face because it can cause white spots, but I don’t think anyone would notice. It’s hard to get much paler than I am. It can also cause skin to thin. One or two days is deemed okay if used with caution.)

Day Four: Repeat day three’s treatment. Mask is now a faint splotchy rash that intermittently itches. Screw this. [Takes a Zyrtec. Appointment isn’t until Tuesday anyhow.]

Take away magic anti-histamines and I get contact irritation dermatitis from something I’ve been using for months. I suppose on the bright side, now I know not to use it anymore. I suspect it’s the UVA/UVB blocking chemicals. Sunscreens have always irritated my face badly. I can’t use products with retinol either. I thought the lower concentrations were fine…guess not.

So summing up:

  1. Fair skin
  2. Turns into lobster after about 20-30 min of direct sun.
  3. Allergic to sunscreen chemicals

The universe is laughing.


2 responses to “Alacazam! Alaca-choo!

  1. I hate the whole “no antihistamines before your allergist appointment” thing. If I didn’t DESPERATELY NEED antihistamines, I wouldn’t be making an appointment with the allergist!

    • southerndreamer

      I get why they say that, but still. After 24 or 48 hrs any significant amounts of antihistamines will be gone.

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