When Animals Attack!– The stuffed episode

From a recent “Circle of Mom’s Email“:

Expert Q&A of the week

How do you keep stuffed animals under control?

Share Your Expertise
They asked, so I shall espouse my wisdom:
  1. Start training them early. Treat training is  not very effective, seeing as how they don’t eat.*
  2. Draw the line at letting them sleep in the bed. First it’s a little beenie baby bunny and next thing you know your kid is sleeping on 1/10th of a bed while the animals have commandeered the rest.
  3. Try crate-training. Nets, bins, and other containers can also work.

    Photo from lifehacker.com

    Photo from lifehacker.com

  4. It’s always hard saying good-bye, but sometimes it’s best for everyone.garbage
  5. Not every animal is a good fit. Sometimes they are happier elsewhere. If they spend all day, every day, lonely and abandoned in a corner, I send them off to a daycare or Goodwill so they find someone, other than Zeke, to play with them.garbage
*If they actively resist, speak in disembodied voices, or try to kill you, seek the help of a professional exorcist.

One response to “When Animals Attack!– The stuffed episode

  1. Espouse? Wow. I learned a new word today.

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