Savor it

Yesterday Miss Drama screamed. She wailed. She howled.

She did not wish to shower.

I don’t understand her reasoning. She loves being IN the shower. Somehow, though, the process that occurs between whatever she’s doing and the fun, wet part is to be avoided at all costs.

While I attempted to use my few still conscious brain cells to help Miss Diva with her math homework, dear Soup King attempted to reason with Miss Drama.

There comes a time, such as when a child is wailing and refusing to do what they are told, when you toss reason out the window and make them do it. I got up, picked her up, carried her into the bathroom, stripped off her clothes and turned on the shower. At that point she knew she’d lost the fight and got in without any further melodrama.

Fast forward twenty-four hours. Miss Drama is cleaning the living room. I think maybe the changeling is visiting again. She’s doing such a good job that it is almost “mom clean” as opposed to “kid clean”.

Cleaning, be it her body or a room, she actively avoids. I’m not going to question it, but rather bask in the moment so the next time I have to physically make her do a task, I’ll remember it gets better.


3 responses to “Savor it

  1. Aren’t kids great?

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