What’s the score?

I hear there was a game yesterday, and a blackout, and ads, and I’m fairly certain there was a score involved. In my little world a whole other game is being played. I think it’s something you may be familiar with.

Monday vs Me

Monday pulls no punches

Monday pulls no punches

Any day that I get all the kids to school on time I figure I’ve scored, and today was one of those days.

Me: 3

In comparison to my little field goal, Monday scored a touch down. I locked my keys in the car.

Monday: 6

I find out my cell phone company has discontinued their road-side assistance and the fee to go through my credit card seemed a bit steep. Only after calling eschewing the credit card service do I discover it was cheap as locksmith fees have doubled since I last used them.

Monday- point after touchdown: 2

On the plus side, he gave me a 25% student discount, so it could have been worse.

Me- 3

So, I’m down by two. At lunchtime I realize I don’t have to sit through journal club todaytrust me, there’s nothing exciting about journal “club”.

Me- 3

I’m on a roll, having passed up Monday’s score by one! Then, I spot the golden snitch –I know, I’ve gone and mixed my metaphor, but what else do you expect from someone who knows very little about football. I got an email from a publisher I sent a short story to a month or so back. It’s been ACCEPTED and it pays! Sure, it’s only semi-pro rates, but it pays!

Take THAT Monday. I’ve caught the golden snitch and I didn’t even have to dodge a quaffle!




2 responses to “What’s the score?

  1. I am going to present you with the House CUP! The sorting hat agrees.

    WTG! WHOOOoooOOooot! I am so damn proud of you. And it’s a lesson that you can only get accepted IF you submit. WHOOOT!

    ❤ and more whoooooting!


  2. Congrats! That’s great news, Playa! I felt so gangsta typing that.

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