Get the message?

I was doing rather well. I worked out several times a week for a whole month! Sure, I walked at lunch yesterday and will probably do so again today, but it isn’t quite the same as a workout.

What has put a kink in my attempt to get fit?

The universe.

No, really! My workout bag, my sneakers, and my workout clothes have all gone MIA. I’ve looked, but I think the universe stole them when I wasn’t looking.

Fine. I get the message.

I’ll stick to fun activities for now, like pulling weeds (YOU may not think it’s fun, but playing in the garden is my zen.) and herding chickens, and the ever popular dog leap. What’s that? It’s a test of coordination. One must leap over the dog that sprawls suddenly right beneath your feet. Doing this exercise in the dark adds an extra level of difficulty. For cardio, I’ll continue with my current regimen of minion stealth attacks. Mr. Smarty-Pants likes to combine the scare with lifting me off the ground, so I get both a cardio AND another test of balance. Plus, he’s getting a whole body weight-lifting workout! It’s win-win!

Somewhere out there a black hole is trying to get a trim event horizon while wearing gray and aqua sneakers. I have no idea what you should do if you see it. Perhaps you should take a picture and make bazillions of dollars. Wait, maybe I should do that.

Where’s my camera? Hmm….The universe probably took that too.



2 responses to “Get the message?

  1. I hate when the universe intervenes in my affairs.

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