Better Odds: UPDATE

A fellow writer mentioned a contest a couple of weeks back, the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.  After getting two rejections (technically three, as one rejection was for two pieces) less than a week apart, I figured, hey, it can’t hurt. After all, Amazon sells just about every thing and the lucky people who make the final cut will get a bigger lump sum of money than most publishers dole out now days. For a mostly unpublished author, that could be the stepping stone to a real writing career.

So, by February 13th, I’ll know whether or not I make the first cut. For those of you interested in the contest, better hurry. Only three more days remain before the deadline, assuming they don’t hit the 10,000 entry cut-off before then.

1 in 10,000.

While not exactly amazing odds, it’s better than playing the lottery. Just entering the contest scores each entrant a discount code for their Kindle-ready conversion service. Seeing as how I had plans to self e-pub the novel I submitted, I figure it’s a win-win situation.

In the interim, stories await.

*UPDATE: Didn’t make the cut. 😦


4 responses to “Better Odds: UPDATE

  1. How exciting! I’m liking your odds. Also, bonus, you know exactly when you’ll hear back, as opposed to the indefinite wait of most submissions.

    • southerndreamer

      I agree. There are 2 publishers that I sent a short story to 461 days ago and have heard nothing. One totally teased me by Cc’ing me early on when a junior editor recommended my story to sr. editor for publishing. Despite 2 attempts requesting an update….NADA. Seriously? 461 days? I’m calling those two default rejections.

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