Vacation: Cats vs. Dogs

There are dog people, cat people, and then people like me who are a bit of both. The two species have a few things in common, but on the whole, felines seem to be much more aloof. To earn a cat’s affection takes more than kibble and a clean litter pan.

I went out of town to visit family over the holidays. I boarded the younger dogs while a friend kept Millie. Another friend popped in every few days to refill the water and feeders for the cats and chickens. I don’t think the chickens even noticed I was gone. They probably rejoiced at not having to dodge Marble for over a week.

When I picked up Marble and Zeke they were predictably beside themselves with joy at my return. Millie, in her golden years, is sometimes hard to read. I wasn’t always certain she actually cared about me or if she merely would go to anyone offering food and scritches. She erased all doubt when she attempted to launch her arthritic self into the air in excitement when I showed up to collect her. She also commenced barking her head off, which I was told she did very little of while with my friend. I guess all the barking she does means she assumes I can understand her since I’m her person?

I pulled into the drive and Midnight and Jack, two of the cats, offered a passing “Meow” (translation: Oh. Hi.) before romping off together in the grass. Diamond tolerated a brief petting, but it was clear I was interfering with her attempts to spy on Midnight out the window. Lovey remained ensconced in Miss Diva’s bed. Only one of all my five kitties proceeded to cuddle as soon as I sat down. Junior let me know he missed me ever so much and would I please give him more noms.

One out of five. Well, you can’t win them all.



One response to “Vacation: Cats vs. Dogs

  1. Cats are divas. I don’t like them.

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