It’s a Trek World

I’m not much of a gadget person. In part this is due to not being able to afford lots of gadgets, but the other part I blame on Star Trek. I’m holding out for mind-blowing awesome. You can keep your miracle cloth that only costs $19.95, if I order in the next hour. Towels still work just dandy.

Crazy, you say? I may not be so crazy after all.

The medical tricorder is a reality. Sure, compared to the sleek gadgets in the show it’s like those giant stupid looking mobile phones that came out in the 1980’s, but the point is that they ushered in a new era in communication. Even better, the tricorder, called SCOUT, will cost less than any brand new apple product.

So, maybe we’re a few decades away from visiting other solar systems, but it seems physicists have found a way to make warp drives more feasible than they once thought.

What I really want though is a transporter. Scientists can already beam atoms from one place to another. Of course, freezing a person to near absolute zero would kill them, but that’s a pesky detail I’m sure they’ll eventually work out.

Why do I have Star Trek on my mind?

In the mean time, if a hot Vulcan lands on Earth, I volunteer to make first contact.




One response to “It’s a Trek World

  1. Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain….yum.

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