I’m out to get you

While waiting for my computer to crunch numbers, I ran across an article and related YouTube video on the controversy surrounding geeky girls.

So, hey, you there, yes, you with the Y-chromosomes that likes anything that involves gaming, fantasy, comics, or science fiction– my evil second X-chromosome will use its estrogenic powers to bring you under my thrall.

Wow, is it me or does that sound like the plot for a really bad comic?

I don’t suppose it occurred to the idiots who make these claims that women dress up for the same reason men do. It’s fun!

One of my characters hunts demons, well not exactly demons, but the analogy works. Sure, nobody knows the character yet, but in my head I was her. I wore tight, black faux leather outfit, giant faux sword, and a cross –I used costume elements people would recognize as typical urban fantasy style even it it wasn’t exactly what I wrote. If I wore jeans and a t-shirt, the point would be lost. Somehow, I failed to net a harem of men bespelled by my estrogenic power.

According to a number of males that I know, I do not require a costume to be hot and I challenge anyone to argue that medicinal chemistry isn’t first class nerd level.

Ironically, I’ve never gone to a con seeking male attention. I know, this is so very hard to believe. Why ever would I, a writer, go to meet other writers and publishers?

No, of course not. As my favorite Star Trek character would say, “That is illogical.”




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