Call Me “Okay Flakey”

For the first two weeks of November I crept along, adding a few hundred words a day to that musty story  dragged out of my files. Then, much like all of my attempts to stick with workouts at a gym, I abandoned my efforts with little more than a moment of regret.

I hereby admit to being flakey when it comes to gym workouts and insane writing goals.

You know what? I’m totally okay with that.


Well, I’ve maintained roughly the same measurements, sans pregnancy and associated recovery afterward, for fifteen years. When that changes, maybe I’ll find motivation to walk no where on a treadmill in addition to walking all over campus. I must be doing something right.

I think, for me, the same goes with writing. Make it an assignment rather than a fun, creative process that flows from my imagination and the well dries up faster than a rain puddle in August. I’m well aware some folks might view that as an excuse. I would concur, if I had not already completed two short stories and three novels, the last of which just needs final revisions.

So, I’m perfectly content with my 4,000 words. I’ve a bit more direction with the story now, but my Muse popped in for a visit yesterday and dropped another story in my lap. One does not argue with the Muse.

For all those who did stick with it and wrote those 50k words, kudos! I sincerely admire your dedication and congratulate you on a job well done!


One response to “Call Me “Okay Flakey”

  1. As long as you’re satisfied that’s all that matters.

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