Doggie Adventures

We did something new this weekend. We went to the dog park! I did a test run with just Marble yesterday. She isn’t always friendly with other dogs, but she behaved beautifully. She preferred romping with me rather than the other dogs, but not everyone is a social butterfly.

Today I took all three dogs. There was some leash weaving and untangling, and I’ll pretend that leaf covered pothole didn’t send me landing on my butt. Due to the drop in temperature, there were far fewer dogs there today.

Whilst I attempted not to turn into a popsicle, the three dogs showed off their very unique personalities.


Millie: Are we there yet? Can I sit now? Is this going to interrupt my napping schedule? OMG! People! Scratch my butt?

Zeke: OMGOMGOMG…WAAAAAALK! Squirrel! Dog! Squirrel! Person! Ball!

Marble: Seriously, Mom, what’s with this leash? You know I won’t go anywhere. I expect a treat for this. Are you done looking at the dogs now? Should I protect Zeke from that bully over there? Maybe if I sit on him he’ll stay out of trouble. No? Okay. Ooh, I like that dog. She runs! I like running.

Add in that I walked a good two miles both today and yesterday, thereby working off at least one of pieces of pie I’ve eaten (I plead the fifth on the exact number of pie slices I’ve consumed), I do declare this an excellent weekend.


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