Preemptive Strike

My knee has developed a mind of its own.

At first I thought perhaps I made it mad. After all, I did lots of bending and kneeling and there was a spurt of semi-dancing. However, at no time during or after these things did I have a suspicious twinge and think, “Ow!”

So, my conclusion is that my knee is taking matters into its joint. Yes, I agree, it just doesn’t have the same ring. I doubt it shall ever catch on as a new cliche. In any case, my knee has initiated a preemptive strike. I was walking along when, “OW!”

“There,” I imagine my knee said. “There shall be no reaching ‘over-the -hill’ if I don’t allow you to climb any hills. To be safe, maybe we should avoid stairs too.”

Gee, thanks ever so much knee!



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